About  the  Medina County LOSS  Team

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What is  LOSS team?

The Alternative Paths LOSS (Local Outreach of Suicide Survivor) Team for Medina County supports postvention efforts following a death by suicide. All postvention activities will focus on support for the bereaved (family/ significant others). Connecting to services and supports as soon as possible can reduce stigma, restore hope and promote healing. The team member who responds is there to provide the following:

Establish a human connection in a non-intrusive, compassionate manner.

Enhance immediate and ongoing safety and provide physical and emotional comfort.

Calm and orient emotionally overwhelmed or distraught individuals.

Address survivor’s immediate needs and concerns and offer practical assistance and information.

Connect survivors as soon as possible to support networks, including family members, friends, neighbors, and community resources.

Support adaptive coping, acknowledge coping efforts and strengths, and empower survivors.

Educate survivors on the 24/7 Crisis and Behavioral Health Helpline Services in Medina County.

Who is on the  LOSS team?

The team members are trained mental health clinicians who work for Alternative Paths, Inc.

When is the team available?

The team is staffed 24/7. The responding officer or supervisor at the scene and will assess and determine if the LOSS team should be activated to the scene.