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Grants and Opiate Initiatives

Addiction Treatment Program (ATP) Grant

Provides funding for treatment and supportive services for individuals with a substance use diagnosis that are served by the Judge who oversees the Specialized Docket programs through Medina Common Pleas Court.

Community Transition Program (CTP)

Grant funding to OhioGuidestone to provide community linkage for offenders with mental illness and/or substance use being released from prison.

Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health (CJBH) Linkage Grant

Grant funding to Alternative Paths for linkage services to individuals being released from Medina County Jail and Medina County Juvenile Detention Center.

Jail Psychotropic Medication Assistance

Received a grant to assist with the cost of psychotropic drugs dispensed in the Medina County Jail.

Medication Assisted Treatment-Prescription Drug and Opioid Addiction (MAT-PDOA) Grant

Funding provided to Alternative Paths to expand or enhance access to Medication-Assisted Treatment services through the Medina County Opiate Response Team (ORT) for persons with an Opioid Use Disorder.

Medina County Health Department

Narcan Kits available to the public through the Health Department’s Project DAWN Clinic.

Medina County Opiate Response Team (MCORT)

Grant funding to Alternative Paths for the Medina County Opiate Response Team, which was formed in partnership with the Medina County Sheriff’s Department.

Opiate Task Force

Created an Opiate Task Force in partnership with the Medina County Health Department.

Specialized Dockets

Dispense funding for the operation of the certified adult and juvenile drug court programs, and the certified adult mental health court.

State Opioid Response (SOR) 1.0

Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) open access Clinic through OhioGuidestone.

State Opioid Response (SOR) 2.0

SOR 2.0 grant funds allow peer supporters from Hope Recovery Community (HRC) to provide services in the Medina County Jail and through the 24/7 Crisis & Behavioral Health Helpline, in partnership with Alternative Paths. The Medina County Family Support program was also created through a collaboration with HRC and Robby’s Voice to offer family peer support programming to those who have a family member struggling with substance use. SOR 2.0 funding also enabled operational support for the Level 3 women’s Discovery Recovery House, the development of a Partial Hospitalization Program and expansion of Intensive Outpatient programming, and the hiring of a Recovery Services Navigator through OhioGuidestone to provide linkage for those seeking treatment, peer or recovery supports. SOR 2.0 funding provided resources for withdrawal management and residential services for individuals to access higher levels of care through Alternative Paths, the ADAMH Board’s gatekeeper, and lastly, this funding allowed Cathy’s House to hire a Resident Coordinator through HRC to assist residents with managing their Medication Assisted Treatment Plan.


Community Assessment & Treatment Services (CATS)

ADAMH Board provided funding for all start-up expenses at CATS’ residential treatment center.

Crisis Services

24/7 Crisis and Behavioral Health Helpline operated by Alternative Paths.

Hope Recovery Community (HRC)

ADAMH Board purchased and renovated a  building for Hope Recovery Community to run a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) that provides peer recovery services and a wide array of recovery supports.

ADAMH Board provides funding for peer recovery services.

Jail Services

Funding to Alternative Paths to provide mental health and substance use services within the county Jail.

Medina County Common Pleas Mental Health Court

Funding to Alternative Paths for forensic monitoring and case management services for Specialized Docket Mental Health Court participants engaged with Medina Common Pleas Court.

Mental Health Court Program (MHCP) funding provided through the ADAMH Board.

Mental Health First Aid

Funding to provide Mental Health First Aid training to schools and community members.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Medina County

Funding provided to Alternative Paths to participate in education, support and advocacy for those living with mental illness and their families.

Recovery Support Systems Ad Hoc Committee

Formed by the ADAMH Board to identify and evaluate current recovery support systems in Medina County and make recommendations for ways to increase access and potentially expand and sustain those services.

Suicide Prevention Coalition

Funding for operation of this committee; Sponsorship of the annual suicide prevention walk; Development and implementation of a LOSS (Ohio Local Outreach of Suicide Survivor) Team.

Youth Resiliency and Counseling Center

The ADAMH Board’s newest initiative,   a child and family trauma-informed outpatient facility,  will be a trauma-informed environment for youth and families to receive counseling and support as they work to heal from mental health, substance use and traumatic experiences. 

OhioGuidestone, a well-known community-based behavioral healthcare provider and a partner of the ADAMH Board since 2017, will provide the services at the Youth Resiliency & Counseling Center.

Youth and School Initiatives

Child Guidance & Family Solutions

Contract to provide Early Childhood Mental Health services to Medina County preschools through the Whole Child Matters funding.

Children’s Center Capital Campaign

Provided capital funding to The Children’s Center, who support abused and neglected children.

Hope Squad

Provide funding for this peer/ student led suicide prevention program.

Inter-Agency Collaborative Assessment Team (ICAT)

Assistance with services for those youth with severe and persistent mental health issues who have been unsuccessful in traditional forms of local treatment.

K-12 Prevention Initiative

Individualized evidence-based prevention programming for local school districts; leading to the implementation and expansion of initiatives such as Hope Squad, 7 Mindsets, ROX, Skillstreaming, Teen Mental Health First Aid, and Second Step programming.

Medina County Juvenile Drug Court Program

Funding through Alternative Paths to support the substance use and mental health treatment of teens involved with Medina County Juvenile Court and Drug Court.

Mental Health First Aid

In collaboration with Kent State University, brought the program to all seven Medina County school districts.

OhioSTART (Sobriety, Treatment and Reducing Trauma)

OhioSTART is an intervention program that provides specialized victim services to children who have been abused or neglected due to parental drug use. Medina County Job & Family Services brings together caseworkers, behavioral health providers, and family peer mentors into teams dedicated to helping families struggling with co-occurring child maltreatment and substance use disorders. Using a family-centered approach, services are provided to help the child, parents and entire family. The overall goal is to stabilize families so that both children and their parents can recover and move forward with abuse-free and addiction-free lives.

Prevention Services

Funding through contracted agencies to provide school and community-wide prevention services.

Share Cluster

Share Cluster is a collaborative group of professionals representing the schools, law enforcement agencies, and substance abuse and mental health-care providers with the goal of positively impacting the lives of Medina County youth through collaborative efforts designed to promote non-violent, drug free living. The ADAMH Board provides funding to Share Cluster for evidence-based programming as well for other various programming throughout the school year.

Student Drug Testing Kits

Provide funding for Medina City Schools and Wadsworth City Schools for student drug testing program.


Medina County Office for Older Adults

Funding for senior prevention services throughout the county.

Catholic Charities Community Services -Medina County

Provide funding for home-based and evidence based Healthy IDEAS programming for case managers.


Cathy’s House

Funding for Level 1 and 2 recovery housing for men.

Discovery Recovery House

A 12-Bed, Level 3 women’s recovery house owned by the ADAMH Board and operated by OhioGuidestone and Hope Recovery Community to serve women and children.

Manhattan and Jefferson Apartments

Housing units purchased by the Medina County ADAMH Board for long term housing.

Medina Metropolitan Housing Authority (MMHA)

Contract with MMHA to manage ADAMH properties. 

Provided funding to support a Case Management position to assist with the homeless population.

Northland Place I and II

Permanent supportive housing operated by the Medina County ADAMH Board with programming through Alternative Paths.

Washington Apartments

Housing units owned and operated by the Medina County ADAMH Board with programming through Alternative Paths.