Providers and  Agencies


Which agencies do the Medina County ADAMH Board contract with? 

Alternative Paths, Inc. and OhioGuidestone are the largest ADAMH funded agencies as their mix of services provide Medina County residents with a wide array of local mental health and substance use care, as well as access to a full continuum of care through partnerships with neighboring counties. The ADAMH Board also funds services through Catholic Charities to provide senior case management and counseling. Additionally, the Medina County ADAMH Board funds numerous other initiatives in Medina County to assure the best possible array of services for residents.

Alternative Paths, Inc. is a not-for profit provider of behavioral health services specializing in treatment primarily for adults experiencing severe and persistent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, and other psychotic and personality disorders. The agency is committed to assisting these individuals in meeting their daily living needs, promoting autonomy, and preventing isolation in the community. Alternative Paths is also offering a full array of substance use services, including diagnostic assessment, group and individual counseling, and peer recovery support. Alternative Paths is comprised of multi-disciplinary teams consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, counselors, social workers, and community supportive psychiatric treatment professionals who work collaboratively to develop a plan of care appropriate to the needs of each client they serve.

OhioGuidestone offers a unique blend of behavioral health treatment services. OhioGuidestone will provide a full array of mental health and substance use treatment to adults, children and adolescents in Medina County, including psychiatric treatment, a Medication-Assisted Treatment program and prevention services. They will provide diagnostic assessment and a variety of individual, group and family counseling options, available in the Medina office, the community, or in the client’s own home. OhioGuidestone has decades of experience providing behavioral health services, and they work from a holistic approach to meet the unique needs of each person they serve.

Catholic Charities staff provides services to clients with presenting problems that include, but are not limited to, mental health and substance use diagnoses, trauma, depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, attention deficits and others. They provide diagnostic assessments, individual and group counseling, and senior case management to Medina County residents

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